Felicia's Story

Namaste Friends!!

My name is Felicia M. Jackson, the CEO and face of "Blinged and Beaded on Purpose".  My Husband, Jeffery S. Thompson is the company's CIO/Webmaster and together we are "Team Jackson".

I have had many lives in this lifetime, for all of which I am abundantly grateful.  I am a Vipassana meditator and a Child of God!

The idea of "Blinged and Beaded on Purpose" was born from life choices, self discovery, key conversations, synchronicities and listening to the universe!  After blingin my own wedding shoes and those of my bridal party, I began blinging customized sneakers and cell phone cases for others in 2018.  In 2021, "Blinged and Beaded on Purpose" expanded its brand to focus and highlight our "Mini Conversation Key Chains" (Conversation Keys).

"Conversation Keys" are mini versions of our beautifully customized children and adult sneakers in the form of a keychain.  Each "Conversation Key" is hand-crafted with quality glass resin, jelly or pearl stones, which are individually placed, making them one of a kind gems.

Collect them, share them and begin that "conversation" that could change your life!!